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During this often humorous, sometimes ghoulish season, let's take a look at the many times misunderstood genre of Christian horror.

RABBIT, Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze

Beth Rider is the first of the RABBIT Trilogy and was a finalist in the Grace Awards 2010 Speculative Fiction category. The other two novels in the trilogy are THE RABBIT LEGACY and LOSE RABBITS of the Rabbit Trilogy. A recovering vampire/horror fanatic, the author uses her knowledge and experience in that subculture to bring the Light into the vampire genre. Addicting and delicious, her brand of story-telling is rife with deep character study, and honest emotion. Other works by the author include: A VAMPIRE'S VICTORY, EMMA'S DRAGON, A Fairly Horrible Love Story, and the Corescu Chronicles.
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NIGHT SEA JOURNEY, a Tale of the Supernatural by Paula Cappa

Everybody dreams—some dream of being lost in eerie darkness, of being abducted, of being abandoned. When artist Kip Livingston dreams inside Abasteron House on Horn Island, mysterious forces invade her mind. She dreams of a shadowy firehawk that drags her to the sea and transports her beneath the snaking waves. Here, grey figures in sea-masks haunt. Kip awakes, but she brings back with her pieces from each nightmare, including a blue-black serpent that slides across the sheets in her bed. These supernatural elements are fully alive and so threatening, they drive her into the arms of the sensual Father Raymond Kera. Raymond, a thoughtful but conflicted priest struggling with his own hauntings, is exiled by the church to Horn Island. He leaves Chicago and his friend, Garcia the Prophet, who is not only Raymond’s mentor but also a visionary who knows firsthand the alternate consciousness of dream power—and the all-consuming human desires that compel a man to deceit and murder. Are these dreams a passage to a land of ghosts? A psychic destiny? Or a cosmic path to a truth that no one, not Ray or Garcia the Prophet, want to believe? And what is this firehawk? Demon or angel? One thing is certain: Kip is compelled to travel these dark nights beneath the ghost-grey sea to reach her journey’s end.


PRO LUCE HABRE (To Have Before the Light) Volumes I and II (On the Soul series) by Krisi Keley
For eight hundred years, Valéry Castellane has known only one kind of light - the light in those human beings he's had to kill so he might live. The last of these has been the most brilliant light of all, the light of the one sent to tell him that heaven was never really lost to him. But did he destroy all hope for it in attempting to make this angel a human love he could hold forever on earth, or is the mystery of this vampire's salvation yet to be fully revealed? Sometimes the key which unlocks the secret of what's to come is hidden in the past. Take another journey with a vampire, through eight centuries of dark human history which have, all along, been leading him to the light. The author has also written ON THE SOUL OF A VAMPIRE, THE LION HUNT, CLAUDE AND JULIETTE, and THE RED BRIDGE MURDER.
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FECKLESS, Tales of Supernatural, Paranormal, and Downright Presumptuous Ilk (an anthology, Ellen C. Maze, Teric Darken, Angela Dolbear, Kat Heckenbach, Elizabeth E. Little, Krisi Kelley, Stu Louden, Keven Maze, Pete Turner, )

These tales range from the extreme, the paranormal, the supernatural, the fantastic, the spooky, the creepy, the suspicious, the unpredictably psychopathic, and even the deliciously romantic. Expect to find vampires, werewolves, demons, monsters, psychopaths and plenty of feckless victims hankering to be taken advantage of in the worst way. Each tale features one or more feckless characters; someone who just can't seem to succeed, someone who never gets it quite right, or just can't catch a break no matter how hard they try. And yes, they are all horror stories.
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WICKFLICKER by Teric Darken
A unique allegorical tale. Terrifying excitement. College dudes Gat O'Malley and Caleb Jackson go on a wild ride at a college party where beer is flowing and the Ouija Board is the entertainment. Gat accepts an offer of power, sex, and money if he joins a prestigious Olde Order.  Although Caleb can see the lies and deceipt, they both get dragged into a frightful web of seduction and darkness. This is a morally relevant tale for this day and age. This is about college age boys and there is some language…all what you'd hear on any campus of higher learning.

THE DEVIL'S CHOIR by Chris Morrow
In Chris Morrow’s debut novel, The Devil’s Choir, the veil is lifted and we are allowed to look into the shadows, to places where supernatural good and evil do battle – not for the hearts of men but for blood and bone – not in some world of imagination but in a very real rural town in Kansas.

Melanie Elarton is a college student with a unique ability that allows her to see the thoughts of others. Ari is a man of secrets and a member of an ancient order established to fight against the evil things of the spirit. They unite to find a campus serial killer, but in the process, an ancient demonic presence turns the investigators into the hunted.

Twists and turns abound in this shadowy place. Will Melanie’s psychic gifts or Ari’s depth of experience be enough to save them and help them unravel the mystery before more girls are killed? In these shadowy places where there are no coincidences and there is no such thing as luck, they will have to rely on courage and cunning if they are to find their way back to the light.


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NEW BLOOD by H. G. Ferguson

A pake, cloaked and hooded immigrant with haunting, amber eyes, wanders into the backcountry of 1755 Pennsylvania. Her name is Rebecca. Her curse is a rare genetic disorder, responsible for all the world's legends of the Nosferatu, the Wampyr...the Vampire. Burned by sunlight, driven by a hellish need to drink human blood, possessing superhuman strength and sense, Rebecca must live in the shadows, but never in darkness, for she is a believer in Jesus Christ. Forced to flee her native Wales, to America, she has journeyed seeking Sanctuary and a new life where her secret is not known. This new life will bring her many friends, fiendish enemies and the love of a Mohawk husband when Rebecca accepts captivity to free a thirteen-year-old colonial girl. But as the French set La Guerre Sauvage astir in the backcountry with death and destruction in its wake, threatening everyone Rebecca love, only a Vampire can stop them, even if she must pay the ultimate price.


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