Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The BIG, BAD, GIANT CORPORATION is making me money! Is that wrong?

Who am I?
Ellen C. Maze is an author of Christian Thrillers with vampire and paranormal themes.
Ellen C. Maze is The Author's Mentor helping new writers publish faster.
Ellen C. Maze is Editor and Partner in a traditional publishing house called Little Roni Publishers.
Ellen C. Maze is a reader and a consumer of books.

Below is a post I added to my Facebook group for my company, The Author's Mentor. It has to do with should people boycott Amazon as they do all they can to have exclusive rights to the books they sell. My feeling is obvious in this post, but I'll add a little more. As an indie author and also the editor/partner in a small traditional house, I would never bite the hand that feeds me. Amazon is the largest retailer of books? Okay, that's where I want to be. All indie authors are trying to make a living writing, and in today's POD and internet-based markets, we can actually stay home and write-- mostly because of

Amazon's large retail system has caused my book to be distributed around the world, selling thousands of copies, and touching thousands of lives. Hey, let's be honest, I wrote my books to touch people's lives -- as many as I possibly could. It's happening because of God's grace and!

As The Author's Mentor, I am honored to speak to writers groups as well as universities and churches. Folks ask me my opinion as someone in the literary field. I am not interested in changing anyone's opinion. I just wanted to state my position for those who ask me frequently what I think about Amazon's exclusivity endeavors. My Facebook post is below.

Enjoy! And try not to get your panties in a wad because I expressed an opinion!

EXCLUSIVITY? GOOD, BAD, OR INDIFFERENT?: Journey's new album, Eclipse, is only available at Wal-Mart. Why did they do that? There are lots of smaller, contractual reasons, but the big picture is that Wal-Mart is the largest market for their album. The sales they might miss by avoiding various music stores cannot possibly eclipse (pun intended) the massive sales they will see in the largest USA marketplace for their demographic. I think that's smart.

Recently, has been doing small and not-so-small things to encourage authors and publishers to use them exclusively.

So when wants to have exclusive rights to your book, think about Journey and Wal-Mart. I'm not suggesting that you should allow only Amazon to sell your book. I'm saying as your Mentor to think for yourself; don't follow a media diatribe (i.e. Amazon is cornering the bookstore market so watch out). Look at all facets of this problem and choose wisely.

If you want to boycott Amazon for the same reasons people boycott Wal-Mart, that's your decision. Just understand that the casualty could very well be your book(s). Either way you go, stand by your guns and what you believe. My suggestion? As one who loves your book, I say, "Pick your battles wisely and try not to kill your "baby" in the process." ~ TAM <3 Ellen

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