Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 -- Let's Make it the Best Year Ever!

SO FAR SO GOOD! January 5th, and 2012 has started out with a bang in Ellen-Land. My Christian Vampire Thriller The Judging has received a few new 5-star reviews this week -- just enough to nudge it up the Top-Rated charts on Amazon. Thank you, guys! My company, The Author's Mentor (TAM) has just added two new clients and I'm excited to bring their book to life by birthing it into the physical world. And my physical fitness improves daily with my running and weight lifting. Yay!!

Some details...
Author Peggy Phifer's debut novel TO SEE THE SUN is nearly ready to publish. TAM created her cover and formatted the interior, and now we will help her self-publish. Here is a photo of the joyous author holding up the proof of her novel for the first time:

Let's see.... also, to regain my former self after 10 years of gluttonous living, I picked up exercise and proper diet in June 2011. Since then, I have lost 40 pounds. I went from a 18 to a 14, and will end up a 10 when I'm all done. It's not about being skinny, but about being healthy, and at 43, I want to make it happen now before it's too late! I intend to keep this way of life from now on, so wish me luck!
 I sincerely pray that 2012 is the best year yet for us all, and wish you all the most lovely of all lives!

Hugs from Alabama,
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  1. Atta girl, Ellen!!
    You look FABU - congrats on BOTH your weight-loss success and your literary achievements,
    you rock !! :D