Monday, September 26, 2011

Ode to the Writer with Too Many Novels in Her Head and Not Enough Time

May 24th, 2011, my 5th full-length novel (and my 6th book, including my anthology Feckless) was published by TreasureLine Publishing. Damascus Road has hit the ground running at the same time that my personal life took a totally different route-- divorce reared it's ugly head unexpectedly that same month. Odd how good things and bad things can happen right together, eh?

What now? I have so many more novels to write, two of which are finished and just need a month's tweaking; also a fantastic stand-alone novel about a modern young woman caught up in an ancient battle of gods and demons; a stand-alone vampire novel that reaches into the world of witchcraft and satan worship; and bringing up the rear, four totally adorable children's books, that are nearly ready to publish, save for a small amount of illustration to finish. I have plenty to publish, a willing publisher, so what's the problem?

TIME. I have no time!

Being divorced has recalibrated the way I use my time. Now a single-income family with a dependent teen child, 90% of it is now spent working to earn money for the bills, and the 10% leftover is used to promote my books that are already out. What's a woman to do? Answer: Create her own Company.

In July 2011, I officially opened The Author's Mentor, (Facebook page: LINK) a place where first-time authors and beginner writers can come for advice and info about the publishing industry. Asking about everything from "How do I get published?" to "How much money will I make on my first book?", my clients and I are having a blast peeking into this amazing and ever-changing industry. Evolving to favor the self-published author, the Publishing World is a maze that few can successfully navigate without a mentor, and when we come across something I don't know or haven't experienced, we find the answers together.

Business is good. The Author's Mentor now has more than 20 clients, and since July, have helped to publish more than 15 books and short stories, posting them to Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble Nook, and print editions through CreateSpace. See this link to see book covers and links of folks we've helped! LINK

Ode to the writer with less time to write. Don't worry, Rabbit Fans (as my readers are affectionately called)... I am still writing, and before long, you will see RABBIT REDEMPTION and TREE OF LIFE, those books you long for, to continue the series' you've already begun. I love to write and I love to share with you.

Let's all have a beautiful week and make something beautiful with the gifts we've been given!

HUGS and smooches from Alabama,

Ellen C. Maze