Monday, May 16, 2011

NEW BOOK "Damascus Road" -- "Quirky Vampire Irks Longsuffering Saint"

For all who have read THE JUDGING (Book One of the Corescu Chronicles), the news is good... the second installment in this 4-part series is coming in one week! DAMASCUS ROAD will launch in print May 24th with Kindle and Nook following a week or so behind.

Did you note the cheeky teasers I pasted on the book cover above?

Poor Tony Agricola... he risked life and limb to keep feckless Hope Brannen safe in Book One, and now he feels the need to find Paul Black and try to help him like he helped Mark. Tony's deluded... Paul doesn't want any help. Cover your neck, Tony; Paul's out for blood and he's as selfish and hedonistic as they come.

And Paul? He was such a nice and obedient servant before he became a vampire... yikes! What a pain in the butt he's become. Trust me, following the storyline between Paul and Tony will make you chuckle nearly as much as make you wince.

Hope Brannen? Clueless, feckless, self-absorbed, and nearly worthless. God may have used her to get Mark and Tony together, but what good is she now? Now that it's all over, she will do whatever it takes and go wherever necessary to reunite with the vampire who dumped her in Book One.

Finally, Mark Corescu. Priest-turned-vampire, Dr. Corescu, is gone--missing. Paul's desperate to find him, Tony wants to put him in the ground, and Hope wants a lover... What a crazy mixed up web we weave when we let Ellen write the tale.

Ya'll go buy this book as soon as possible. I have more to write and I can't do it without your help!

Hugs (not slugs),
Ellen C Maze 


  1. I need a wisdom transfusion from you Ellen! How on earth do you do it all?
    S.B. Niccum
    Author Website

  2. How do I do it all? I don't... you should see my housework has suffered since I was published. :-/ !!!