Thursday, April 14, 2011

VIDEO Author Blog--Ellen correcting actual boo-boos in Proof Galley

I mean, Greetings, World-Wide-Interweb!
I decided to do a video blog (vlog-LOL) so I could show you my proof galley of Damascus Road, my newest "baby".
This SHORT AND FUN video contains the following:
1. discussion of grammatical and punctuation errors in my manuscript
2. discussion of how I correct them inside my document on Word
3. discussion on the dozens of novels I am writing simultaneously
4. discussion of how to use funny photos of yourself to make friends
and lastly
5. discussion of my dumb sisters and the awesomeness of their sister (LOL--sister humor)

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Hugs and blessings
(the Hebrew at the end was "Barukh Hashem", "bless the name", a blessing like, "Praise God")


  1. Sweet video! I never thought about writing in the actual page size format--that's a good idea!
    Blessings to you!

  2. That's great! Your desk is about as untidy as mine! (although I'm sure I was supposed to be paying attention to the video - I WAS, I WAS. Sounds like Paul's getting ornery with Tony tsk, tsk). I've got more post-its on my screen than you :)

    I'm so looking forward to Damascus Road. Off to tweet...

  3. So, I was excited by your untidy desk as well! Makes me feel so much better about mine being just slightly worse :) What a fun way to blog as well as share great information. Way to go, Ellen!

  4. Good to hear you struggle too with all those notes! With me they usually fall off or get lost. :0)

  5. Ellen, You are so much fun! We can never have too many eyes! Too bad we can't utilize the one's in the back of our head for ourselves! Is that head or heads? lol Blessings to you, Ellen.

  6. Ha ha! How did I miss this? Great video. When you said eyeball like that and started talking about putting funny pictures of yourself on the internet, my husband started making fun of me cause he's lame and doesn't get how awesome you are....It was worth it ;D