Monday, January 10, 2011


ZIPPITY DOO DAH~~ZIPPITY AY, Feckless Tales is well on its way...

Update: We're in the editing stage and moving into formatting. We're having a little fun with the formatting, and I think you'll love it. You can follow the FECKLESS link to see what I mean...

I've just added to our exclusive club of feckless authors: a terrific Christian Horror Writer by the name of Pete Turner. I love Pete's tagline: "Christian Horror Satan Fears!" His first novel, Whisper a Scream, is making a big splash. One Amazon reviewer writes, "Excellent read.Twists and turns until the end. Innovative mixture of Christianity, horror, mystery and demonic sacrifice. Do not expect anyone in this story to conform to stereotypes. This book brings life in contemporary rural Appalachia into mainstream Americana as professionals deal with sinister secrets in the world of macabre. Warning: this book is scary as hell and should only be read in the daytime."  Pete is bringing two terrific tales to our collection, and you can check him out at

Our feckless line-up is impressive, and in the book, we'll give each author a page for his bio and bibliography. You want to get to know them, right?

The Storytellers

► Teric Darken

► Angela Dolbear

► Krisi Keley

► Elizabeth E. Little

► Stuart Loudon

► Ellen C. Maze

►Kevin R. Maze

►Pete Turner 

We're shooting for a February release, so stay tuned...
HUGGLES ~ Ellen, your feckless Editor


  1. Hi Ellen. It's nice to see the author list is up. I'm looking forward to reading this whenever I can get my hands on it. It's nice to see Teric Darken's name on the list (I just finished K-I-L-L FM) as well as lots from you!

  2. @ Erika--thank you for your comment! Teric is the coolest, for sure :-) I will make sure you get a review copy!