Sunday, January 9, 2011


Howdy Rabbit Chasers, Friends, and the Occasional Anonymous Interloper,

Here it is, January, and I am looking back on all of the books I read in 2010. Writing novels is my main hobby, but it is necessary and useful to also read other people’s work along the way. It keeps your creative juices flowing and gives your brain a rest between writing spells.

Compared to some people, I didn’t read that many books. I read a total of 45 books in 2010. Six of those were non-fiction, theology or writing-aids based. The rest of them were fiction—and the genres are all over the map. I read my very first sci-fi novel, as well as my first romance/erotic *blush* novel. I read my first ever space opera and my first natural monster (non supernatural) book. It was a year of firsts, and a year of terrific discoveries. I took something away from every book I read, but the list below represents the books that moved me beyond my reading chair. These books transported my soul, my spirit; they made me laugh, and they made me cry. These are the books I confidently say, ELLEN RECOMMENDS THESE WHOLLY FOR ALL READERS!

Have a look, click the link, and investigate these books. You might find one you like too!

1. THE GARDEN KEY                        angela dolbear  
"O-M-GEE, funny, sweet, touched me deeply"
2. ON THE SOUL OF A VAMPIRE    krisi keley  
"Consummate Vampire fiction, must-read for vampire fans"
3. A STAR CURIOUSLY SINGING    kerry nietz  
"I fell in love at pg 1and couldn't put this down."
4. K-I-L-L FM : MUSIC TO DIE FOR teric darken
"Thrilling and full of reference to my fav. music!"
5. FUTURE HOPE                                david gelber  
"Amazing peek at an alternate Eden, flipped me out!"
6. PORTAL HUNTERS                        david furr 
"Mind-twisting portal technology--fascinated me!"
7. DARK JUSTICE                               donnie light
"Almost had a heart attack from the stress of the chase!"
8. TEETH                                              timothy dean 
"Giant, man-eater lurking with intriguing foreign lands."
9. AFTER EVENTIDE                          catherine olson
"Quirky, original, and downright FUN."
10. 33 A.D.                                             david mcafee  
"He had me at the first word."

2011 should see 4 more books come out from Ellen C Maze (that's me!)
We're expecting:
FECKLESS: Tales of Supernatural, Paranormal, and Downright Presumptuous Ilk (Feb. 2011)
DAMASCUS ROAD, The Corescu Chronicles Book Two (Summer 2011)
RABBIT REDEMPTION, Book Three of the Rabbit Trilogy (Fall 2011)
INDWELT, a new stand-alone paranormal adventure (Dec. 2011)

I have 16 books in my to-read pile already...I better get cookin.


  1. Thanks for the honor, Ellen. You put my book, TEETH, in a wonderful company of writers. I didn't know about your list until now, because I'm totally engrossed in the 2nd Volume of the trilogy - and I will tell you, this is not about some big scaly monster, and a young soldier's quest to find meaning in a terrible world war.
    In the one I'm deep into now, romance rears its lovely head. And it posits the question, can a soldier whose whole existence has been killing other men, find peace and meaning? This is a theme as old as war, and as fresh as tomorrow's headlines.
    I loved your vision of vampires as ancient line of demons, and the way you worked positive faith and redemption into a popular adventure/romance. Thanks for Rabbit - and may rich blessings hunt you down!

    Timothy James Dean

  2. Ellen,
    Thank you so much for including "Dark Justice" in your list. I am honored to have recieved the mention, and I hope your readers will check out the books on this list as you suggest - as I have read some of them as well and now look forward to reading others.
    I also thank you for introducing me to your Rabbit trilogy - and I look forward to reading more of your work!

    Donnie Light

  3. thank you so much. I am truly honored.

    David Gelber MD

  4. Thank you so much, Ellen, for including On the Soul of a Vampire in your favorites of 2010! Rabbit was my hands down favorite and I'm so honored and touched you liked my story too and to be included among such wonderful authors. I'm enjoying The Judging right now and looking forward to reading the entire Ellen C. Maze collection!

  5. Ellen! Thank you so much -- I'm honored to have THE GARDEN KEY included in such incredible company of a fantastic eclectic collection of novels. My to-read list is growing. I'm looking forward to reading THE JUDGING when I get my Kindle! Thanks again. You are a blessing!

  6. Heh you read more books than I did! Go you!

    I *so* want to read 33 A.D., sounded awesome.

    And I know a few books by a certain someone I'll be reading this year ;)