Thursday, December 2, 2010

WINNERS ANNOUNCED !! "The Judging" Contest/Giveaway

In September, we ran a Blog Contest/Giveaway
where entrants jumped through a few hoops in hopes of winning one of 5 copies of my newest Christian Vampire thriller, THE JUDGING. The five people who won are listed in this fancy picture and will be receiving their books before the end of the year.

A HEARTFELT THANKS to everyone who participated. It's because of you that I have the nerve to even attempt to write a story.

Hugs to you all,

Ellen C. Maze


  1. Mary D

    YAY * Woo Hoo * (tosses confetti, champagne all around) - Thank you SO SO MUCH, Ellen - *heart you* :D

    You have JUST made my otherwise dreary, dull, snow-flakey day a WHOLE lot brighter. Cannot wait to wrap my curious little mind around another heaping helping of the Rakum (& company lol).

    You ROCK!
    ps - No rest for the wicked/talented ... better get busy on your next series ;D

  2. Mary -- your comment made my day. Woke up kind of blah--feel much better. See the power of positive words!!
    I promise to get right on the next one!
    Hugs and hearts
    ellen :-)