Wednesday, June 16, 2010


NAME A VICTIM names have been chosen! Here are the names and where they appear in the book.

1. Mac Ardel --- killed by Beryl in Ch. 39
2. Stanley Rotich---- Stan Rotich , killed by Rakum in Ch 17
3. Caleb Dixon ---- young man who reads at the library in Ch 5

How did I choose THESE names out of such a huge pile? I chose the ones that spoke to my muse as I read the scene. Not a very scientific process, but I never claimed to be a scientist!

I’m hanging onto this list as I write the next book, RABBIT REDEMPTION, I would like to use a few as needed. Those people will receive the same free book offer as the ones today.

These current winners will receive one of my novels FREE. I’ll be contacting you now, so watch your inbox.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! THIS WAS SO FUN! And be sure to buy RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER & RABBIT LEGACY… I promise you’ll have fun reading them!

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