Monday, May 24, 2010

NEED A VICTIM...How would you like to DIE in RABBIT LEGACY?

I have an idea and it's kind of cheeky.

Folks are always asking me to put them in my novels. Well, I have all the main roles cast already. But I do have these pesky victims that need names...

In my upcoming novel RABBIT LEGACY I have two (maybe three) one-scene-victims, and because of the nature of the conversations, I will need to use their whole names (first and last). Would some of you like to nominate a name for me to use? It'll be fun!

I have already given these victims names, but they can easily be changed, since they only appear in one scene. When we choose the names from this blog, I'll reveal the scenes that these poor souls will be murdered in.

#1 -- they have to be men's names
#2 -- you have until June 15th
#3 -- no more rules. There's no copyright on names, and I'm not using their likenesses. It'll be fun to be immortalized this way. Honest!

Come on and leave me a comment on this blog of:
#1 the name you want me to use,
#2 tell me who it is to you (in case you want to prank your husband, so I'll be in on the joke too!),
#3 your email address so I can get back with you if you win.
#4 if you are following this blog, let me know, and your vote will count as two!

Okay...let's go.

Who shall I kill in RABBIT LEGACY?


  1. You could use me and just call me Mel Thompson. Passes for a man's name LOL

  2. Hi Ellen! My name is Allison Sodke-Cavanaugh. I saw this on facebook and had to jump in:) I'd like to nominate my husband: Robert Jason Cavanaugh, known as B.J., but I call him Rob.
    Have fun and happy hunting!! Good luck on your new novel:)

    1. Ouch...i knew she wasn't ever fond of me, but WOW 😲

  3. Don't forget to follow my blog Allison (in case you aren't already)! :)

  4. Bryan Thomas or Bryan Schmidt would be good, don't you think? LOL, I am always putting names of people I know together to create characters in my stories or books.

  5. De Fleischer says:
    I nominate my son Joseph ,he'd love being killed off by a vampire and would be honored that I wanted him killed that way.Can you feel the love?(hehehe-I hope you pick him-it'll be so much fun around here!)

  6. Oh FUN! I'm not sure if want any description or background on the character, but I can't help it (adds to the fun): His name was Mac Ardel -- slovenly, deceptive, and conniving. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. His looks are reminiscent of the Star Wars crimelord Jabba the Hutt, but on two stubby legs under a heaving roll of gut, and with a stump of a cigar teetering on his puffy lower lip. Tasty fodder for a hungry vamp, don't you think?

  7. How cool I have a couple guys I work with you could kill of in your novel..LOL They are really that cool of names though.. Christopher Andrews and Mathew Stafford.

    I so wanted my name used but I am female..LOL Maybe you can take off the i and just call me Storm Johnson (sort of sounds more like a guy..LOL)


  8. Mary Santos (NC) says:
    Hi there you prolific writer, you!

    One name that I have always thought was very cool is Paris the city but spelled .....< like that. It could be sort of a hint of things to come because Europe is about to collapse, economically, and your victim will also be "demised". How about "Perris Romano"....... because the Roman Empire will be reborn but will also, once again.....become extinct.....thanks to our Savior.

    Perris Romano sounds so exotic. She or He could be an interesting character with ancestral ties to Old European families. Any play on that would be fun.

  9. I'm nominating my future son-in-law. He'd think it was funny. Paul Morris. My daughter will die laughing if he gets killed by a vampire.

    PS - I'm following your blog now. Great idea!

  10. Thanks Jaleta!

    I recently decided that I'm going to give a book to the two people who's names I choose. They'll be able to choose from RABBIT CHASING BETH RIDER, or RABBIT LEGACY (when it comes out)... now that's more fun!

  11. Gayla Catrett said:
    "Im really thinking that Gayla Catrett would be a really good name for your new
    character. *SMIILES*"

    (ellen likes it and made it masculine GAYLORD CATRETT)


    Hi there, long time no see.

    I hope things are going well... As for your characters that have to die,...
    Hmmm... How about James Saville and Byron Cullpepper

    Mine and Jim's

    Rabbit next victim

    Jim- Mahlon Larsen (pronounced may-lon)

    Marty - Kreaten Pollis

  14. Isaac Dorsey...simple and, well, sounds like someone who should be killed off!!! I'll post a link to your contest on Saw you on Coffee's Hot.

  15. Hi Ellen,
    As a follower of your blog, and in keeping with the wonderful flavor of your books, I have a few suggestions.

    If he is European - Charles Blanc de Bouscat
    ...or the Englishman - Jersey Wooly
    ...or the American - Theo Thuringer

    I thought these might be good candidates for murder since they are also rabbit breeds.

    A hopping-good contest idea!

  16. Hi Ellen: I am Joe Blevins. We have talked a few times by email. My last name Blevins is Welsh meaning "Little Wolf" and "Hero". I also have a rare AB+ blood, and I am a Native American (A Choctaw). Type AB blood always have green eyes, and tends to be very creative.(Artist, musician, actor, and author.) A rare blood type would be like a fine wine to a vampire. Joe does not believe in vampires but perhaps he could become one if hard pressed. I love the new cover with the bleeding heart! Awesome. I wish to "die" and be noted in your new book. Thanks!

  17. Ok, I'll bite. (no pun intended!) I'll nominate my son, Chase. His full name is Chase Logan Carlee. Just got your book in the mail today and can't wait to start it this evening! Thanks for the bookmark also! :)

  18. I volunteer. My name is Joseph H. Ficor.

  19. Hello Ellen,

    Perhaps you could immortalize my father, who's almost 95. His name is Julius Gelber

  20. Hmmm a person to murder, very tempting to put down the name of my ex-husband, but that might not be proper. I love this idea of yours by the way! How about Dick Ramsbottom the third?

  21. After a bit of pondering, I found a special name for you... Jim Savage.

    Have fun killing him off!



  22. What a great idea!!
    My 1st thought was to nominate the entire cast of Jersey Shore to be vamp-chow!! BUT instead I will say:
    traditional : Keith Fisher
    professional : Christopher B Morgan
    rugged : Marcus Black
    down right fuzzy: Feather Ross
    Good Luck on your book!!

  23. shasta! -- shoot me your email addy in case your names are chosen! you can email me privately at and I will not divulge your info publically :)
    Love the names!

  24. Fun idea! I really want to choose my ex Stanley Rotich. His last name is African. If that is improper (though I would really like to read that) I could become a guy Al Rotich or my current significant other would think this is was awesome Mark Mitchell.

    Will becme a follower of your blog as soon as I post this.


  25. I kind of like "JoeB2010" Joe Blevins, who posted earlier. So I am going to say go for him..he has great background.
    I also like name: Jake Madson, no reason just do. Also Nate Townscend...or Saunders Townscend.

  26. Great names, all. On June 15th, I'll announce the choices (and give a free RABBIT book to those!!) THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

  27. Hmm, call me C.R.T, tag me as a devious spy. To kill me, hang me upsode down on a tree branch, legs tied together and on the lowest edge to the ground squeeze my head in a rabbit hole until I die. Have my hands tied back on my back and run a long stick inside my clothes so that I cannot bend my body to get my head out. Enjoy your kill!

  28. I still say you can't get better than my name: Jason J. Cross. Rock on!

  29. FB friend CHRIS JONES SAID: i suggest you use christopher david jones(or any version of) as your, "long haired, extremely tall, victim. i'd say have him know some of the truth about vampires, intrigued, wanting it for himself, but is naive and dies trying. :)

  30. Wow! Ellen, you have a lot of comments. I like some of the Jewish names like Ariella (lioness of God), or Zohar, Eliana. Then there are some old fashioned names that I like Ophelia, Exar and Aaylah. Aaylah is a spelling I made up from my favorite book, Clan of the Cave Bear. I liked the character and the name, but not their spelling. Hope these arrest your fancy!

    Hey Ellen,
    Victim suggestion: Liz Unkles
    A friend of Suze's and mine who is a descendant of the BOUNTY mutineers. She is tall and brown skinned so could be an interesting addition...

    Comment: I suggested my name Joe Blevins. "Blevins" is Welsh for "little wolf". I have a rare blood type which is AB+ which is like a fine wine to a vampire. I am a Choctaw, and I have green eyes which the people at the Carter blood always comment on. I donate blood because my body makes too much... They see green eyes and they say..."Oh...AB!" and then they fight over who gets it as they have several people waiting on it. So a vampire would relish something unique and rare like a vintage wine. Just a thought... See ya tomorrow at 10:20 PM