Monday, May 24, 2010

NEED A VICTIM...How would you like to DIE in RABBIT LEGACY?

I have an idea and it's kind of cheeky.

Folks are always asking me to put them in my novels. Well, I have all the main roles cast already. But I do have these pesky victims that need names...

In my upcoming novel RABBIT LEGACY I have two (maybe three) one-scene-victims, and because of the nature of the conversations, I will need to use their whole names (first and last). Would some of you like to nominate a name for me to use? It'll be fun!

I have already given these victims names, but they can easily be changed, since they only appear in one scene. When we choose the names from this blog, I'll reveal the scenes that these poor souls will be murdered in.

#1 -- they have to be men's names
#2 -- you have until June 15th
#3 -- no more rules. There's no copyright on names, and I'm not using their likenesses. It'll be fun to be immortalized this way. Honest!

Come on and leave me a comment on this blog of:
#1 the name you want me to use,
#2 tell me who it is to you (in case you want to prank your husband, so I'll be in on the joke too!),
#3 your email address so I can get back with you if you win.
#4 if you are following this blog, let me know, and your vote will count as two!

Okay...let's go.

Who shall I kill in RABBIT LEGACY?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RABBIT: 5-Stars "Novel is tight, thoughtful, powerful and entertaining"

What a joy it is to wake up in the morning and see a brand new glowing review of your debut novel! That happened to me this morning and I am still doing the Snoopy Dance around the room (you should see it!).

Author Donnie Light has summed up my book beautifully and poetically, with insight that I don't really expect most readers to have. Yes, I have intentionally woven elements in this book that are sometimes obscure, but Donnie sees with vivid Light (pun intended) and has left one of the coolest reviews ever. Please read it and then go buy my book!

Post Script: I am reading Donnie's book DARK JUSTICE and it is very compelling. I will review it here when I'm done! There is a link for his book right here....DARK JUSTICE on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars A Rabbit's Secret Weapon, May 10, 2010
By Donnie Light "Author of "Dark Justice" Kindle and Paperback"

This review is from: Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider (Paperback)

Ellen Maze's novel, "Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider," offers a clever take on the popular Vampire genre.

In this story, a vampire-like race of beings called "Rakum" are shaken to their core by something they never suspected possible.

Novelist Beth Rider has written an inspirational piece of fiction that is having a strange effect on a handful of Rakum. After reading her book, these Rakum begin to wonder about God and question His influence on human believers. They are curious to know more about God, and seek out Beth to answer their questions.

These events are noticed by the Rakum Elders, one of which marks Beth Rider as a "Rabbit" - prey for Rakum to endlessly pursue and torture. However, this Rabbit is different from all the rest. Beth Rider has a secret weapon - her unwavering faith that God has put her in this precarious position for a reason.

The world of the Rakum is severely shaken as more of them are openly curious about Rider's message. The Elders see this as a movement that needs to be put down quickly and mercilessly. Some Rakum decide to protect Beth Rider at all costs, while others seek to destroy her and all that stand in their way. As the two factions struggle for final control, Beth Rider faces the worst of the Rakum alone and on their terms. Against all odds and unknown to the Rakum, she has some unseen help at her side.

Author Ellen Maze weaves an intelligent tale that lets the reader experience the life of the Rakum and their endless need to feed from human donors, while only able to move about in the dark underworld of night. Readers can easily imagine how some of the Rakum respond to Beth Rider's redeeming message of hope and love and how they might long to feel the warmth of sunshine upon their faces for the first time.

Tightly written, "Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider" delivers a powerful message in a thoughtful and entertaining way. I highly recommend it.

Donnie Light, author of Dark Justice