Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HAPPY DILEMMAS of the Rabbit-Writing-Author Ellen C Maze

Happy. That is a good word for my attitude today. I have much to be thankful for and much to be happy about. Firstly, this morning when I checked my book on Amazon.com, the number of reviews had jumped from 34 to 40. That freaked me a little because normally, it jumps ONE review every few weeks (at least now that the book has been out a few months). So I was elated. I was also happy that some had been sold -- YAY!

So what's next?

I have a dilemma.

RABBIT LEGACY, the second installment in the Rabbit series, is nearly complete. I have a few climactic chapters to write and it will be ready to edit. On the one hand, editing can take months--at least two months if all of my pre-readers and editors hustle. Three months if we have major edits to make. So if I want to publish LEGACY by the summer, it'll be quite a press. It could be done, but I will want to take every precaution NOT TO RUSH THE BABY. I cannot allow the book to be rushed to completion.

THE JUDGING is closer to being ready to publish. My awesome reading partner, Ams Lantz, volunteered to read all of my books for me and give me invaluable advice and needed critiquing. She gave THE JUDGING the thumbs up, with a few minor tweaks to help it flow into DAMASCUS ROAD (which she also read for me!!). The only drawback on publishing this one myself is that it is currently being considered by different agents/editors who showed initial interest...

So there's the rub. I have no problem waiting, but I want one of these two to come out by the end of July. I just had a capital idea! I'll launch a public campaign with my readers -- let them choose! That's pretty close to drawing lots, if you ask me!

Okay, I'm off tor facebook. I'll be sending the voting through our Rabbit facebook group, so you're not a member, please join up. Here's the link! If you join after the announcement goes out, that's okay. Just send me an answer -- which book you want to see first! I'll post it on the wall of the group as well as send out a group-wide invitation to participate. Fun!

Now go and have a great day!

Ellen C Maze

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