Monday, April 12, 2010


This is the coolest thing ever!

Today as I was checking my email, I floated over to a Twitter follower, then I followed them, and then noticed on their feed a Tweet from someone else and I clicked the offered link. Then I journeyed an hour into a social sharing and marketing site for authors and publishers. WOW! Suddenly, my book is set up on this awesome site, with this fancy new exclusive technology where readers can click the link and READ my novel on their PC for FREE!

Of course, there’s a catch. I did not allow the entire book to be read for free, but I selected the first 176 pages. That’s half the book, and once the reader gets to this page, they’ll be utterly addicted. This is a good plan .

READER PERKS--- the pages turn like a real book, right on your monitor! Very cool technology!

Setting up this profile and uploading my book took about an hour. Now, I will follow-up on the literally DOZENS of additional social networking sites they suggest to list my widget on. Think of the exposure! I’ve never ever heard of some of these networks, but they’re about to hear about me. If any of you have a book to tout, please have a look at these guys. I can’t believe it’s free. I’m so happy…

(Above is a photo of some of the networks I will add to my list...and there's a MORE button!)

So you guys please click the widget on this page (top right) or this link right here, and start reading RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER. Leave me a rating, click me as a fan, whatever you want. Let’s ride this puppy to the top! I won’t forget you 

God bless! I have to get to work on the sequel RABBIT LEGACY. It’s almost ready to go to the editor!

Hugs, Ellen C Maze

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