Monday, March 8, 2010


A month before my novel was published, I was invited to attend the Second Annual IMAGICON in Birmingham, AL. I was (and am) ecstatic! I can't wait! I will be able to sell my books, have book signings, and have a little speaking time too during the Con. This is so cool! My first convention as a published author! (Well, let's face it--it's my first convention at all!)

Today, I was invited to TwiCon 2010 (think Twlight Convention) in Las Vegas, NV. Wow! This one is about the same size, but FAR FAR AWAY in Neverland. A plane-ride from my home in Montgomery, AL. I priced the plane tickets for my hubby and I to go and we're looking at $377 per person. Shrug. That is doable. I mean, we have until July to pay, right? Then I priced the hotel. The convention center where the Planet Hollywood (hosting site) is costs $159/night for the cheap rooms. That's $477 for 4 days. A little steep, but who's to say I couldn't raise that money up too? Tonight as I was posting the news to my Rabbit Chasing pals on facebook, I recalled that I have a dear friend from my childhood that lives in Las Vegas... maybe he could let me sleep on his couch? Maybe bring in a cot for my husband? Hmmm... I'm not above asking him! He is a really cool dude and might just go for it!

So, I'm praying for guidance and we'll wait and see. The trip might be possible for less than a thousand bucks if I stay with my friend, and about $1500 if I hotel-up.

I'll keep you posted my friend! Yippee!
Life is a roller coaster and my seatbelt is frayed! AAAEEIIIiiiiiii!!!

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