Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When Rakum character DANIEL made himself KNOWN

(an actor -Hunter Parrish as a kid--who has the look of this character Daniel)

Tuesday is a lovely day to write on my novel in progress, RABBIT: LEGACY. But I must pick up where I left off...with Daniel; a conundrum.
Daniel popped into my novel after I had already written 40 thousand words, and had collected already 14 POV characters (see the last post for POV study). My plate was more than full. Yet, there is no denying that he is a compelling little guy... He seems to know everything that's going on, he has amazing abilities that would frighten the strongest Rakum (the blood-sucking group in my RABBIT series www.rabbitnovel.com) and I found out last night that he is involved in quite a bit of subterfuge and chicanery that I just didn't see coming. Worse, he is adorable to look at. Sweet and innocent-looking, apparent age barely fifteen, and he uses his appearance to fool people into trusting him. And he wants to sink the entire show.
I learned last night that he intends to ruin Beth Rider and her Rabbit Army (as I call it outside the novel); and he wants to rebuild the Rakum Race under his own name. See...there's the rub. His grandiose schemes do not fit in this novel. Still, although I extricated him twice, he keeps coming back, insisting that he is in the right place. He now has three scenes interspersed with the others as he weaves his wicked plans into my plot...

Is he in the wrong book? RABBIT: LEGACY (link) is about the Good overcoming the last of the Bad among the Rakum. If Daniel wants to take over the show, he is going to have to wait for a Rabbit book three. I am already getting some glimpses of this third (and probably last) in the series. My proposed title is RABBIT: REDEMPTION, but I also like the word CONUNDRUM. Let's see... Rabbit: The Redemption, the Conundrum.  OH, wait... thinking as I blog. Maybe there are four in this series, and they are:
Yeah, that looks right.
This fits my theory perfectly -- that ALL books are already written in the 'spirit'... they just need us to write them down. So I'll keep all this in mind as I tolerate little Daniel's schemes. I will watch him as he ingratiates himself into Beth Rider's posse and maybe he will carry through some of his plans to work us into the next novel.

Okay... I'm satisfied. Thank you for letting me figure this out on your nickel.
I hear little Daniel calling. I didn't finish his scene last night. He had just weasled his way into Beth's house when she had specific divine orders to keep him out. He is just sneaky that way. Talk about the devil parading around as an angel of light. ARGH!
Have a great day!

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