Tuesday, January 26, 2010

END TIMES PROPHECY!!! A Little Book Review for You

by Ellen C Maze, www.rabbitnovel.com

Book Review of a new End Times Prophecy teaching tool, ‘TIL ETERNITY by Paul Bortolazzo. Available on Amazon.com and at www.paulbortolazzo.com

Review Title: GO AHEAD AND BUY THREE COPIES...or you'll wish you did. January 21, 2010

`Til Eternity by Paul Bortolazzo is in a class all its own. Wait until you read it and you'll know what I mean. To more explain what I'm saying, follow me now...

SCRIPTURE: I can read the Bible for myself and see that 90% of the End Times prophecy teachings out there in the world do not jibe with what the Master taught His disciples. When I read Paul's book, suddenly everything fell into place and I can begin to make sense of what I've been learning all along. Paul backs every single portion of his teaching with Scripture in context. It is a very refreshing way to teach eschatology. As you read this book, you are constantly referred to a Bible verse or the verse is supplied for you right then and there.

CHARTS: Paul has some of the most beautiful charts I have ever seen that clearly show the timing of the events, the seals, the bowls, the trumpets... so easy to understand and see for yourself. And of course, the Bible passages are right there to help you along. You can view these charts on his web site, a link is provided on hi author page for you (click his highlighted name).

APOLOGETICS: Lovingly and with mercy, Paul reveals some heretical teachings by beloved big-name people. But frankly, church, the time has come for us to stop coddling these millionaires who are speaking heresy on the television and radio and not being held accountable. Paul names names... but hey - the time is short. Every person who utters blasphemy has put it on YouTube for the public to view, and in Paul's book you can get the link and hear/see for yourself. This is all in love, and it will open your eyes. If you want to remain blind and follow blindly, don't look. But also, you may miss an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and be better prepared for His return.

THE WARNING: Do not be deceived. Jesus warns us to pray and avoid false doctrines. Paul's book will take you to a clear understanding of the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit will confirm in you. Taste and see for yourself. Paul is available to confer with if you have questions. Visit his web site to chat with him (once again, link is provided when you visit his author profile).

THE BLESSING: To know Jesus and the One who sent Him; and to understand the events that lead up to, occur during and after His return.

God bless,

Ellen C Maze, author Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider
An undead tale for the discerning believer.


  1. Hmm. Sounds interesting. I might have to read this book for myself! I don't read non-fiction much, but the subject matter is something that interests me.

  2. Hi Cecilia -- neither do I. And I am not a eschatology scholar, but I am filled with the Holy Spirit, and this book makes sense to me! God bless you, ellen