Monday, August 31, 2009're so bad. The Antagonists of RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER

Oh man. Bad guys are so fun to write. I had plenty of antagonists even before I added Meryl, but hey--what's one more? Developing this novel has been so much fun. So let me tell you how Meryl was born into this story.
I needed Beryl to be in two places at one time. Beryl is a beautiful, angelic-looking Rakum (vampire-like race from the novel) with a black soul. He preys on the weaklings and serves his evil and cruel Elder Jack Dawn with total obedience and subservience. So one day, as I was tweaking the story, tightening it up for an eventual end...I realized that I needed Beryl to molest Simon to keep the story tense. But Beryl was busy with Jack. So I gave Beryl an identical twin and named him Meryl!
Now, of course, I come to realize that Meryl was in the story all along, but as the silly 'hand' that types the words, I just didn't know it yet. As soon as I put Meryl's 1st scene in, he went right to work, he grew in every scene and added depth and meaning to his brother Beryl that I could never have gotten on my own. Wow. When you meet Meryl, you will love to hate to love to hate him. If you want to see what mean old Meryl did to poor abandoned Simon, read the last two blogs where 'ellen was leaking' chapters. You can meet Meryl and see what he and his twin are capable of.
This gorgeous creature is in the photograph provided for today's post. Oh my. The devil often poses as an angel of light, and that describes Meryl and Beryl to a T...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ellen c maze is LEAKING again...

Did I ever tell you that 'the eyes have it'? Well, it's true for me anyway. When I am writing a character, I concentrate a lot of my mental energy on what their eyes say when their mouth isn't moving. Take this guy here in this photo...he has been chosen to be my mental-picture of my character 'Javier' (pronounced 'Hah-vee-ay') because his eyes just say to me everything that Javier is. It doesn't matter a hill of beans to me who this guy is (he is a Gypsy--or Roma-- actor I found on the internet), but while I write RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER, I can pull up this photo, imagine it is Javier, and it's as if the character is sitting right here with me on a conference call, telling me what happens next.
I do this for nearly every character--and that may be why my characters are so emotive. Its because they are alive. Really.
This brings me to today's chapter leak. I am getting so excited about the novel coming out, that I can't help but leak little something about Javier. Last week, I leaked a chapter about poor Simon Miller, a human blood donor (loosely referred to as a Cow by the Rakum), who is taken advantage of by a rather cruel but beautiful creature named Meryl...
Today, I leak how Javier met Simon. These two are pivotal characters in the novel...but what a strange relationship. Simon--young, popular, easy-going--voluntarily lets blood for Javier every few weeks? What in the world? So here is the chapter leak for your delight. I think you will enjoy it...
(please forgive the lack of paragraphs, etc. Either I don't know how to work it, or this blog program doesn't translate my word.doc so easily!)
NineteeN From the front seat of the comfortable truck, Javier watched Simon sleeping in the back, the Gideon Bible still loosely in his right hand by his hip. In the driver’s seat, Roman stopped watching the Rider woman’s door long enough to follow his eye line and frown.
“That kid is getting darker, Javie. I’m worried about him.”
“About him? Why?”
“I’m worried that he is dangerous to have around. If he turns on us, we’ll have real trouble.” Roman faced front again and then absently cleaned his useless glasses. “I’ll kill him if he tries anything.” He said matter-of-factly. “I’m not ready to live and let live. I will watch out for my own, Javie.”
Javier’s mouth went to the side and he returned his attention to the sleeping youth. Simon was only nineteen when they met, and the circumstances were peculiar to say the least. But Javier loved that kid at first sight.
If a Rakum could love, that is.
Javier closed his eyes and wandered back to that time in his mind. It was two years earlier, and Javier piloted Roman’s new Camaro like a professional racecar driver down a deserted street ribboned with delicious curves. Roman rarely smiled, but when Javier glanced at his Elder briefly after the last sharp turn, the man unsuccessfully hid his amusement. Javier accelerated as the road straightened out and leaned into the steering wheel, blowing raspberries for added comical effect. Roman shook his head and chuckled. It was a good time. Not so different from their time together in Montreal where Javier grew up.
A red brake light a hundred yards ahead caught his eye and he slowed the car to the speed limit. As he reached the curve, the red glow was off the paved road and in the grass under a low-branched tree. Curious, Javier pulled to the curb and looked to his superior.
“A motorcyclist has crashed.” Roman indicated his head toward the scene but made no suggestions.
Javier looked out his window and discerned the shape of a man thrown several feet away from the bike. A rush of emotion hit him deep inside, causing him to inhale sharply. He recognized it well. It was the way he chose all of his Cows—superb intuition that bordered on premonition.
He must have made a noise of some sort because Roman came back with a retort packed with mock consternation.
“Well go have a look then. Your curiosity will be your ruin one day.”
Javier grinned and hopped out of the car. He reached the biker in seconds and stooped down. It was a boy—maybe nineteen—and he lay on his side, the face shield of his helmet only partially down. Javier carefully unlatched the chin strap and freed his head. Roman was now standing right behind him and he helpfully took the helmet from his hand.
“He’s breathing normally.” Roman offered when Simon gently rolled the boy onto his back. As the kid’s shoulders rested flat he winced and groaned deep in his throat, but his eyes remained closed.
“What a mess.” Javier mumbled and checked his pulse at his throat.
“His clavicle is broken.” An expert in human anatomy and medicine, Roman made diagnoses as the seconds ticked on. “He has a compound fracture of the right tibia.”
“Hey, you okay?” Javier spoke to the boy and brushed bright blonde hair from his forehead. The kid was a looker and Javier rubbed open one lid and checked the pupillary response in his blue-green eyes. “You’re going to be all right.”
Javier tucked his fingers beneath the kid’s light windbreaker and T-Shirt, directly atop the fractured bone. With very little concentration, he was able to convince the bone to knit back together, the boy not stirring even a trifle. Satisfied with the result he pulled back and sat on his knees beside his patient.
“The leg will need resetting.” Roman offered from his spectating stance a few feet away. Javier nodded and moved to the boy’s legs and noted blood seeping into his jeans. Javier looked up at his elder, and Roman shook his head and opened his cell phone. “I’ll call an ambulance.”
Javier moved back to the kid’s head and now the young man was looking right at him. His eyes were filled with wonder—an emotion Javier intuited that he’d elicit from the handsome boy.
“Hey. You’re going to be all right.” Javier smiled encouragingly, automatically infatuated. He had always had a soft heart, and since Roman never chastised him for it, he felt no need to disguise it. “You had a motorcycle accident. Broke your leg. I fixed your shoulder. How do you feel?”
“Like I fell off a cliff…” the boy responded, his voice held a touch of humor despite his predicament. Then he offered a half-grin and lifted his hand to his hero. “Simon Miller.”
Javier took his hand and shook it, the sirens of the ambulance a few miles away just reaching his ears. “I’m Javier. Nice to meet you Simon.”
Hah-vee-Ay? Weird name.” The boy chuckled and then sputtered with a frown. “Hurts.”
Javier glanced back at Roman who raised his eye brows.
“The wind got knocked out of him. He’s fine.”
Javier smirked and leaned over the boy, taking his face into both hands. “Look at me, Simon. I’ll take that pain away.”
Simon did not question him at all, but did as he said and waited for a miracle. Javier cupped his face carefully and concentrated on the pain. It was only moments before Simon gasped with surprise. It was a good trick. Roman had taught him well.
“How did you do that? Wow…” Simon’s eyes grew wide and he smiled anew. Javier released him but stayed over him, looking down into his face.
“Magic.” Javier couldn’t look away from the kid and he sensed Roman snickering over his shoulder. After another moment, the sirens getting closer, Roman touched him from behind and he got to his feet reluctantly.
“The medics are here Simon. You’re in good hands.” Javier backed away from the kid, their eyes still locked. Roman would not want to be interviewed by the authorities and seconds later he was already in the Camaro turning over the engine.
Simon lifted his hand toward them and Javier stopped.
“Javier—come see me at the hospital. Please.” Simon’s plea was pitiful and Javier nodded. “I want you to sign my cast ‘Hah-vee-Ayyy’…” He smiled again, the returning pain shining in his eyes.
It was unusual that Javier sensed a connection with the kid so soon. The boy had attached himself to him unnaturally fast. But easier was always better and Javier smiled jubilantly as he turned and jumped into the car. Roman steered them away from the scene just as the ambulance rounded the corner. When they were a mile down the road, heading home at normal speeds, Roman held the wheel with his left hand and grabbed Javier’s shoulder with his right.
“You go see him Javie. It’s a good match.”
Javier nodded. He couldn’t agree more.
Later that same evening, Simon was fast asleep in the hospital bed when Javier slipped into his room unnoticed by the staff. It was after two in the morning and he had no trouble circumnavigating the security guard or the errant nurse roaming the hallways. Javier took a moment to take in the machinery attached to his friend by small circular pads taped to his upper chest. He was shirtless with the body of an athlete. There was no bandage across his shoulder and Javier assumed his healing touch had been successful. The crisp white hospital sheet was pulled up to his waist and he snored soft little puffs of air that made Javier smile. Simon woke up then and stared into Javier’s face completely serene.
“Javier. Oh.” Simon focused his eyes. Javier nodded and sat down gingerly on the edge of the bed. Simon put out his hand and Javier shook it. When the shake was over, the boy held on, his fingers wrapped around Javier’s. “You’re an angel aren’t you.”
It was not posed as a question and Javier raised his eyebrows. “I guess it depends on your definition of angel.”
“You are. I can feel it—your hand…” Simon lifted Javier’s fingers and then ran his other hand along the skin of his forearm. “Your arm. You’re not real. Too smooth. Too perfect.”
Javier grinned, puzzled now, and he looked down at Simon’s hand as it caressed his arm. He could think of no reply, so he turned his attention to the boy’s injuries. “How’s the pain?”
“No pain…some good drugs.” Simon gestured to the crook of his elbow and the plastic tubing attached to it. “Javier, out of all the people who had wrecks tonight—why me? Am I special? Are you like a guardian angel?”
Javier smiled, embarrassed now. “Simon I’m not an angel.”
“Javier. I can see. Your secret’s safe. Hey—where’s your friend? The tall guy?”
Javier scratched his chin with his free hand; the kid was still holding his right. “I’m not sure. He goes where he pleases.”
“He was cool. He was really cool.” Simon nodded his head as he spoke, his words slurring slightly from the painkillers in his IV.
“Here.” Javier wriggled his hand from the kid’s grip and stood. He guessed the location of Simon’s injured leg under the sheet and he laid his palm on the cast. It was not plaster, and he caught Simon’s eye. “Inflatable splint?”
Simon smiled sideways and nodded. “Doc says I’ll wear this one until the morning.”
“Okay.” Javier concentrated with both hands now on the sheet over his leg. “I will accelerate the healing. You’ll likely not need a cast at all.”
“I knew you were an angel.” Simon watched closely as Javier focused his energy on his broken leg.
Javier shook his head at the boy’s imaginative deductions and sighed, but could sense the bones knitting together immediately. After another fifteen seconds or so, he knew it was done. By sunrise, the leg would be good as new and the doctors would be baffled. He lifted his palms and sat back on the edge of the bed; Simon reached for his hand again.
“Thanks man. I can feel it working.” Simon was getting sleepy but resisting valiantly.
“Where do you live, son?” Javier said thinking ahead.
“Meriwether. The blue house. You can’t miss it.” Simon closed his eyes but didn’t release Javier’s hand. “You’ll come see me won’t you?”
“Indeed.” Javier stood and waited for the boy to release his hand. He did but only after several long seconds. “Bye, Simon”
“Bye Hah-Vee-Ayyy…” Simon exaggerated his name and smiled, now falling off to sleep. Javier slipped out of the room and as usual, not a soul witnessed his departure. He was a particularly clever Rakum.
Two weeks later, Javier stood in Simon’s bedroom and waited for the boy to enter. He’d been watching the kid’s house a week, learning his schedule. Tonight, Simon stayed home watching TV and his housemate left carrying a grocery sack full of beer. Javier slipped into the house unnoticed.
The toilet flushed out in the hall bathroom and the bedroom door swung open right after. Simon was completely healed from his broken tibia and strolled in strong and balanced. He yanked off his T-shirt and only noticed Javier when he raised his arms to stretch.
“Javier!” He ran across the room and threw his arms around his visitor as if greeting a long lost friend.
Javier stiffened and held his arms out away from his body but Simon didn’t notice. After another five seconds, Simon was still hanging on, his face against the collar of Javier’s leather jacket, and he laughed.
“I guess angels don’t hug, huh?”
“I’m not an angel Simon.” Javier replied matter-of-factly, his arms still sticking awkwardly outward.
“Then what are you?”
“I’m a Rakum. A Wraith.” Javier answered softly. The kid’s arms were strong and he was puzzled about how to react. No one had ever embraced him before.
Rah-kum…” Simon sounded out the word slowly.
“So Rakums don’t hug?”
“Is it awful?”
“No.” Javier smiled and his arms relaxed a fraction, but were still held out away from Simon’s bare skin. “It’s nice.”
“Good.” Simon released him and stepped back. “Enough of that. Sorry…” He grinned sheepishly. “I’m an impulsive guy. Didn’t mean to act so stupid.”
“No, it’s nice. So you play sports?” Javier gestured loosely to Simon’s naked torso and he smiled shyly and made a grab for a T-shirt on the floor beside them.
“Yeah. I’m on a baseball scholarship at UGA. How ‘bout you? You play?”
“No.” Javier shook his head. “But I’d be good at it if I did.”
“I’ll bet. I’ll bet there’s nothing you can’t do.” There was awe in Simon’s voice.
“You’d win that bet.” Javier said and looked about the room. There were sports trophies on the shelves instead of books and three photographs of the same teenage girl framed on his dresser. Simon stepped closer to Javier then and lifted his hands toward Javier’s face, stopping just short of touching him.
“Can I?” Simon waited for the surprised look in Javier’s eyes to soften into consent before he touched the skin of his face. “Smooth. Just like I thought.”
Simon then ran his fingers into Javier’s slick black hair before taking his hands back. He humphed and stepped to his bed and sat, motioning toward the armchair for his guest. “Unreal.”
“You like?” Javier joked but Simon just shook his head.
“My girlfriend is a senior at the High School, and she’s a cheerleader—” Simon made a kissing noise and pointed to the nearest picture frame. “And she has it all, and then some. But her skin’s not half as smooth as yours.”
Javier settled into the chair on top of several pairs of discarded clothing. “Really.”
“Rakum’s don’t get pimples, huh?”
Javier laughed and shook his head, entertained by the kid beyond measure.
“So what do Rakums do besides rescue kids on the side of the road in the middle of the night?”
Javier chuckled. “That was the first time I ever found a kid on the side of the road.”
“Oh cool. It was the first time I ever crashed my motorcycle. My dad bought me a truck yesterday. Safer.” Simon laughed and pointed to his leg. “You were right about the cast. In the morning, after you left, the doctor couldn’t understand why I could walk. He’s recalibrating his machines. My leg healed overnight. Thanks to you.”
“I’ve always been a proficient Healer.”
“What else do you do?” Simon leaned forward, his tone more serious now. “Why do you care about me? You could be anywhere tonight, couldn’t you? You don’t have restrictions like me. You just popped in here like a ghost—poof!”
Javier shook his head at all the questions. “I did not pop in, Simon. I walked in. I’m just really, really sneaky.”
“Cool.” Simon meant the word sincerely. “So what else do you guys do?”
“Well, Simon…” Javier said softly, holding the boy’s gaze. “We accept donations.”
Simon’s head tilted to the side. “You’re not talking about money, are you.” Again, not a question and Javier lowered his chin.
“Donations of blood.” He expected the kid to be blasé about it, and he was. Simon nodded as if half-expecting the remark and then sat up.
“So a Rakum is like a vampire then? A friendly vampire?”
Javier smiled. “If that helps you understand.”
“Unreal.” He mused again then looked hopeful. “Cool. So…do you want my blood?”
“Yes.” Javier nodded, pleased that he had chosen well. “I’m guessing I don’t have to die then?”
Javier smiled. The kid was smart; if he intended to kill him, he’d never have rescued him from the crash. “No. You will be fine.”
“Okay.” Simon got to his feet and waited for Javier’s instructions.
Javier stood and reached into his pants pockets, retrieving two items. In his left hand he held out a 3-inch pocket knife and in his right a two-by-two square Band-Aid.
“Hold out your hand.” Javier waited while Simon stuck out his left hand with no hesitation at all. He dropped the bandage into his palm. “First thing tomorrow, buy a box of these and store them in your bedside table.”
“Okay.” Simon looked the small crispy-paper package over and dropped it onto the bed behind him. “So you’ll be coming back?”
“As long as you’ll have me.” Javier said, giving the boy his most charming smile. “I will visit every month, on this day, the fifteenth. Okay?”
“Cool. Sure. I mean, okay.” Simon shrugged. “So how do we do it?”
Javier nodded his head, stepped forward and grasped his new friend’s wrist.
It was so easy. Simon was easy.
Life was good.

Friday, August 28, 2009

OOPS! ellen is LEAKING all over this blog...

RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER, as you know, is my idea for a 'spring-board' novel to my vampire series THE CORESCU CHRONICLES, which begins with THE JUDGING. Well...since THE JUDGING is at the agent's being reviewed, I need to occupy myself with the next manuscript, and readers of my blog know that I am now polishing the RABBIT manuscript in order to have it self-published hopefully by November 1st.
There is a little pressure to rush and get it out there, but it would be best to keep writing on it, day by day, polishing, editing, proofing, revising, and even getting more pre-reader opinions before I run on down and get it published. The finished product should be as perfect as possible. Now, I might be done by Sept. 31st..that would mean the book could be available for purchase as soon as October 25th. But, like I said, I'm not going to rush. I am adding some details about the Rakum, the vampire-like race of beings in RABBIT; details the reader will like to know...
I am feeling cheeky today and am going to post in this blog a chapter from RABBIT that is late in the game. So few people read this blog now, that I am fairly safe in letting this juicy nugget go by...
Here's the set up... Simon voluntarily donates blood to Javier--a Rakum that he has known for 2 years, and loves dearly. For his own good, Javier leaves Simon behind to go take care of some dangerous business among his own people. Simon is alone now and lonely and is about to be 'picked up' by a rapacious Rakum named Meryl who is up to no good...
Outside Stone’s house, hidden inside his rented Tahoe, Meryl spied on his brethren as they entered the taxi and pulled away. Elder Dawn’s instructions were specific: bring the traitor’s Cow to Assembly by any means necessary. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Meryl was supremely gifted in handling the mortals they all toyed with. Anyway, his superior telepathy picked up everything that transpired with the trio just now, and they were none the wiser. One of the perks of the mental acuity he shared with his twin was advanced mental blocking. If he didn’t want his target to notice his intrusion, they would never be aware of him. Now Meryl focused his attention on the sad little Cow left behind in the dark house. He would be easy to manipulate; easy prey. Meryl switched on the truck and pulled up to Stone’s house. It was time to collect the prize and head on to Assembly. Simon exited the shower in his boxers and towel-dried his short hair. Only Stone’s master bath had linens and a shower curtain. Clean again, now he dripped on the man’s hardwood floor without caring. Javier was gone and most likely for good. What did it matter to him if some bossy Rakum’s floor got ruined? Simon snorted and threw the towel to the floor with a snap.
“That’s some temper you have, little Simon.”
Simon yelped into his fist. Standing in the doorway was a Rakum, a stranger. During his time with Javier he met several of the Brethren, but he also knew each Rakum held their personal Cows jealously. He had never spent any significant time with any of them besides Javier and for the first time, he was alone with a Rakum and Javier was nowhere in sight.
The man in the door watched him and chuckled, his smile friendly and sincere.
“Sorry?” Simon mumbled, standing square, feeling exposed and wondering where he’d left his blue jeans. His mind was blank. It took a few seconds to realize that looking into the Rakum’s gaze was making him lightheaded.
The stranger stepped toward him and stopped a few feet away.
“I’m Meryl. I heard you might be a little lonely.”
Simon opened his mouth to reply but didn’t. The Rakum before him was Javier’s total opposite. Javier’s look was rugged, tall, broad and square-shouldered; not to mention he looked to be at least thirty. But this one, this Meryl, was his age or younger; the same height and weight, but with nearly luminescent oak-colored eyes and coffee-colored skin. The Rakum named Meryl was beautiful—and Simon had never attached that adjective to a man before. Doing it now caused him to blush and Meryl smiled wide revealing perfect white teeth.
“I like the way you look too, Simon.” Meryl said his voice soft. “So you’ve been abandoned? That stinks.”
Simon sighed and nodded his head. “It’s not fair either.”
“No, it’s not.” Meryl agreed and stepped closer. Now he was an arm’s length away and he reached out to put his hand on Simon’s pectoral. “How ‘bout you come with me? I’m not likely to let a guy like you out of my sight for long. What do you say?”
Simon looked at the hand on his chest and swallowed. Meryl was obviously more eccentric than Javier—Javier never laid a hand on him except to receive his blood from his arm. But this one was very forward. Simon gulped but he enjoyed the adoration in the Rakum’s gaze. He nodded his head and gestured for the bathroom behind him. “My clothes.”
Meryl tilted his head to the side and smiled wide again. “Simon, Javier is gone. He is really gone. You know that, don’t you?”
Simon nodded his head reading everything in the Rakum’s expression. Not only was Javier out of his life, Javier would be human soon. It was a disgusting turn of events. But Meryl was regarding him with affection in his enormous eyes.
“Would you be my Cow, Simon? All mine? Just for me? I want to take you places, Simon.” Meryl ran his hand up until it rested on Simon’s left shoulder. “And the first place I want to take you is Assembly. Tonight. Right now. I will show you off to my Brethren. Will you come?”
Simon watched the Rakum’s lips as he spoke. There was a musical quality to his voice that he never heard in Javier’s. But didn’t Roman say he’d be dead meat at the Cave? Simon’s lips parted to voice his concerns but Meryl shook his head, his cool palm now cupping the side of his face.
“How could anyone hurt you when I am there to protect you?” Meryl stepped toe-to-toe with him now, his breath falling on Simon’s cheek. “I am a very covetous master, Simon, and no one will come near you unless I condone it.”
Simon’s head was spinning. He blinked his eyes knowing he was being hypnotized by the handsome devil. But at the same time, he really didn’t object.
Simon rest his hand on the Rakum’s arm to steady himself and nodded his head. “I will go with you, Meryl.”
“I thought you might.”
Simon leaned forward a fraction and fought to keep his eyes open. He saw a flash of movement between blinks; Meryl was holding a knife and bringing it up, out of his sight. When the Rakum pressed the blade into the soft flesh of his neck, Simon barely felt it; his mind buzzed along, the memory of Meryl’s gentle words refracting in his mind.
As Meryl pulled him close by a strong hand behind his head, Simon thought about the bright future ahead. He was still needed. He was still desired by the earth-bound gods he loved. “You’re a good boy, Simon.”
Meryl’s last words before he pressed his mouth over the incision he had made in the valley between Simon’s throat and his shoulder. Simon released a small sound and fell silent, leaning into the strong arms of a Rakum he’d only just met. But this one loved him already. How could they be devils when they were filled with such love?
Standing in his BVDs in a stranger’s bedroom, in the arms of an even stranger Rakum, Simon felt peace. All the pain he thought he would feel at Javier’s departure faded away then and there. As the seconds ticked by, Simon rested his head on Meryl’s shoulder, knowing he was finishing up his impromptu meal. He had to hurry because they were headed to the Cave where everyone would see that he belonged to the most beautiful Rakum in the world. Plainly overhearing his thoughts, Meryl chuckled and pulled away, pressing his thumb against the dime-sized puncture wound. Simon regarded him with sleepy eyes. It was okay if this one read his mind. He did want to run. He was home.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have never been real happy with the name of the vampire-like creatures from the RABBIT novel. I don't like saying 'wraith' -- it doesn't flow off the tongue like other words. In fact, I hate saying it. I hate hate hate saying wraith! Okay, calm down...
So I came up with a new word for them. The Wraith are now called Rakum (pronounced Rah' - kum). It is very clever, although only I know how clever it is right now because I haven't revealed what the word means... hee hee hee...
If you speak Hebrew, you might can figure it out.
OOops. I said too much.
I have to get back to writing. I have a deadline of mid-september to get this puppy ready to print. I want to put so much in but I have to leave so much out! If you've never written a novel you might not know that the author has 200,000 words to say to you, but the publisher will only usually allow you 60,000-100,000 to work with.
RABBIT will end up around 65,000 -- short compared my normal work. I could always rerelease it later, longer and more indepth. But that's another blog story....
Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The agency received the ms today for THE JUDGING.
Label/Receipt Number: 2301 0640 0000 xxxx xxxx
Class: Priority Mail®Service(s): Signature Confirmation™
Arrival at Unit-->Status: Arrival at UnitYour item arrived at 10:40 AM on August 19, 2009 in BRENTWOOD, TN 37027.
Now I can truly say it is in God's hands because I did my part and it is GONE-GONE!
This morning, I had a revelation that this vampire saga will be the TWILIGHT of the Christian World. We need our own vampire series, right? One coming from biblical Truth and stamping out darkness while entertaining at the same time...
There will be movies too! Who will be cast to play Mark Corescu? I think Oded he too old? How old is he? Mark looks to be about 40...
Anyway, this novel series will be huge and I will stay faithful to God and to you guys as this develops.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SHAZAM WHAM BAM your First Line

The first line of your novel needs to be a GRABBER if at all possible. THE JUDGING used to begin with a 'sound'... "Crack!" It was a fire in the church that awakens the Priest from a dream-filled sleep. Exciting initial situation, but not a great first line for the book. The new and standing first line is better, and it refers not only to the prophetic dream the protagonist is having before he awakes to the fire, but also to the state of mind one might be in when he is violently turned into a vampire against his will and without his knowledge... check the full prologue under THE JUDGING button at ♥ Today, I also reworked the 1st line of RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER. It has been modified several times, but I am happy with this latest change. The new first line is: The monster had him boxed in and it wasn’t even close to sunup. That is a really ominous and catchy first line!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The RABBITS are coming!

Introducing the Spring-Board for my debut novel THE JUDGING... comes a great book that will entertain the reader as well as whet their appetites for the real treat to come!
RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER by Ellen C. Maze is such a novel.
New York Times Bestselling author Beth Rider has a problem. Jack Dawn, a supernatural monster belonging to a race of vampire-like beings, has taken exception to her novel series "The Corescu Chronicles" and has vowed to hunt down and kill the young writer and also punish anyone who gets in his way. Aided by Jack's son, who was transformed after reading her novel and one who is simply along for the adventure, Beth takes her fight to their world. In the dark underground they call The Cavern, Beth will face the leaders of the Brotherhood, alive since before Christ walked the earth, and state her case with bravado only the Spirit of God can provide. Who will live and who will die is always up for grabs, but Beth knows where she is headed, and she wants to bring as many of the Wraiths with her that she can.
The plan is to self-publish this novel as we work for true-publishing for THE JUDGING. It is a really cool story that I know everyone will like. Plus, I have about 10,000 more words to write on it and it will be ready to send to the printer! I will blog more about the self-publishing process as it comes along. For now, I will blog about writing RABBIT...