Saturday, November 28, 2009

QUIRKY but it WORKS: writing the sequel

these photos are copyrighted by their individual owners and not for sale All writers have their quirky methods. I wonder if mine is any quirkier than anyone else’s? Nevertheless… It’s time. Time to collect faces for my new novel. Rabbit Legacy (the sequel to the terrific new novel RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER) will have several returning characters, plus a few new ones to fill out the plot. I use photos gleaned from the web to look at while I write; and the eyes have it. When I am writing a scene, I will glance at the character’s face and then they truly come alive for me. I can be moved to tears just by imagining my novel’s circumstances forced upon the poor character on the cast page. As you can see, these are some nice faces. New to the cast is... Selene Cherrie – RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER Chapter 47..... Mina Bushman – romances David Walker..... Canaan – a Rakum (the name of the vampire race in this novel series), a powerful Elder. Not mentioned in the 1st book, but mentioned in the Loose Rabbits (chapters not in the novel, but posted on the website—link )..... Marcy Haddle – not mentioned in the 1st Book; Canaan’s mate of choice..... Damien – Not mentioned in the 1st book, but mentioned in the Loose Rabbits; was a powerful Rakum Father, now human..... Theophilus – a Rakum Father in the 1st Book, under duress in the 2nd..... There are others that are not pictured… I am saving the bad guys for later. I am not into spoiling the novel for you this soon!..... Go pick up a copy of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider today anywhere you buy books, or buy a signed copy on the website,, and see what the BUZZZ is all about!

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