Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VAMPIRES in the church! Grab a Stake Brother!

Today I learned that Ted Dekker’s next novel (August 2010) will feature vampires. I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case when 2 months ago he said a few words about bloodlust in his FaceBook dialogue. So all of his fans (including myself) are wondering what he is going to do with it. About 20% of the responses were negative—people worrying that he was caving into popular culture—but most people said they trust him and are anxious to see what he comes up with. What do I think? I think he will do a great job. As I posted in his FaceBook fan feed, Ted will show how vampirism is evil. He will not glorify bloodlust as our mainstream culture has done. So I say, “Go for it, Ted!”
Now what about MY books? I had hoped beat Ted to the vampire punch, but God’s timing is all important. I will trust Him with the timing of my book release. Curiously, the agent I pitched THE JUDGING to works for the agency that handles Ted. So right now, my manuscript is sitting in their office under consideration, and they have a green light on a Christian Fiction Vampire Fantasy already by Ted Dekker. I’m curious to see what Adonai does here. I’ll tell you what; every day I think I might get a call from the agency asking me for more info, or asking me to fly up there for a sit-down… And although I have not received that call, hey—I also haven’t received my MS back in the mail. So this is in God’s capable hands. This is why I am working on my next novel and not thinking too much about THE JUDGING. God has that one…now He is helping me write the new one.
So let me get back to it! I’ll blog more tomorrow on my inspiration for THE JUDGING and other novels…

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