Sunday, September 20, 2009

RABBIT plans coming together...

I love it when a plan comes together...
This weekend, my husband and I attended the Gulf Coast Writer's Conference in Panama City, FL. I met some really cool people; authors, writers, editors, publishers and an agent. I gathered as many contact numbers as I could, and all of them are on FaceBook. How convenient!
So what am I blogging about today, you ask? I have a few ideas regarding RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER that my readers may be interested in.
First, I am looking into starting a new website that will be dedicated to this one book. I want to do this because RABBIT is coming out soon and people will be able to find it easily if it has its own domain name. I'll try to get or something like that...
AND I would like to post chapters from the story that are not in the novel. For instance, the one I posted here earlier regarding how Jesse Cherrie picks up blood donors. I have so many ideas for 'lost chapters' that don't fit into this plot/story, but readers will really enjoy them because their just FUN to know and to read. So when the new website is up next week, I will have a tab for 'RABBIT:THE LOST BOOKS'. This seems like a great idea to me :-)
I feel like writing one now so I'm going to my Word Processor.
Have a great night and keep reading!

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