Monday, September 7, 2009


(NOTE:after I published this Blog, I noticed that you can click on the above photos and either (1) check out my pores, or (2) read this new chapter on RABBIT...)
Discussing my vampire novel:
"Who would have thought that writing a best seller could be so dangerous?"
New York Times Bestselling author Beth Rider has a problem. Jack Dawn, a supernatural monster belonging to a race of vampire-like beings called Rakum, has taken exception to her novel series "The Corescu Chronicles" and has vowed to hunt down and kill the young writer; punishing anyone who gets in his way. Aided by Jack's Rakum Lieutenant who doesn’t understand his infatuation with the young novelist but is compelled to help her anyway, Beth takes the fight to their world. In the face of peril and certain death, Beth and her new supernatural allies carry an unpopular Truth into the darkest places of man’s soul. Finally kidnapped and taken to the shadowy underground they call The Cave, Beth will face the ten Fathers of the Brotherhood, alive since before Christ walked the earth, and state her case with bravado only the Spirit of God can provide. Who will live and who will die is always up for grabs, but Beth knows where she is headed, and she wants to bring as many of the Rakum with her as possible.
For you just tuning Christian Fiction/Vampire novel series THE CORESCU CHRONICLES, Book One: THE JUDGING has been mailed to an agent for consideration. While I wait on God's timing for this exciting and no doubt world-shattering work to be published, I am bringing out another project, entitled RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER. Basically, Beth Rider is a best selling novelist who has written a series very similar to mine (cheeky!) but she falls into danger as her work is noticed by a race of beings living under the radar who have vampiric tendencies and they take violent exception to her work.
Now I am putting some finishing touches on the manuscript and polishing some dull egdes. I included a few pics of me doing that, and my newest author pic. Now-- my methods for editing/revising/self-editing differ from some authors, but we all do basically the same things before we send the finished manuscript to the publisher...
ELLEN'S METHOD: 1. As soon as I write the final chapter, I like to go to the beginning of the document and read it all the way through, on the computer monitor, making changes and editing along the way. This is what I call my First Edit. This takes about 3-4 days usually.
2. Next, I print out a copy for my BIGGEST FAN to read (my sister Marty) and she will go through it as a 'reader'. She also gives me ideas and pointers, and lets me know if she sees any slow spots of areas that need tweaking. The document is usually too polished by now to have any plot errors or inconsistences, but if there are any-- she will find them. Example? In THE JUDGING, I was at the last edit, and she found a place where a man was wearing a different outfit in the same scene! I am very happy to have her help!
3. Next I print out a copy for ME to read. I will then take a red pen, or pencil, and read the entire document aloud; making adjustments in grammar and/or punctuation--writing corrections directly on the printed document.
4. Next, I go to the digital document and enter all the necessary corrections.
5. Print another copy with latest corrections and give it to my husband to read. He will read it as a 'reader' and also check the spiritual content. I will also give it to another spiritual person to read (a woman), and get one more opinion from someone who is not very religious. I want opinions from all walks of life, because I wrote these books for everyone-- not just Believers...
6. NEXT make any corrections my husband finds.
7. NOW IT IS FINISHED as far as I can take it. This process can take anywhere from 2 months to a year. If the novel is to be traditionally published, I would then send it to my agent who would search for a great book deal...
RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER is slated to be published by a friend of mine, so now that the document is finished and as clean as we can humanly get it, we will submit it to the publisher. Then we'll wait 2-3 weeks, and offer themf for sale!
Now...I have babbled long enough. I am finsihing Step 3 today, so I better get to it. My sister was desperate to have something to read last month, so she actually read RABBIT before it was done-- she read it without and ending -- but she loved it to pieces. So I better get to it!

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