Friday, September 25, 2009

BLOOD SPLATTER makes all the difference in the world...

It is a huge blessing to have an artist on staff who works for free. Well, she actually works for pizza, room and board; but it is still wonderful having a daughter who can create book covers for mom for FREE. My teen daughter created this cover for me months ago and just this week, we added the one missing element-- the blood splatter. See, without it, one might see the book cover and think it is a children's book. But just a little of the red stuff and SHAZAM! we now have a gothic horror feel to a novel that has more than its share of blood-letting. The road of the righteous is often sprinkled with the blood of sacrifice, and in this novel, such is the case for righteous character Beth Rider. As she moves forward in her mission and some of the vampires take up her cause, she is not alone on her journey. But unfortunately, anything easy is usually not worthwhile. I will be posting some random short prose soon. I don't want to leak anymore of RABBIT because it might ruin some of the book for you before you read it. But I have tons of work in a similar vein (ha ha ha) that will tickle your fancies... RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER will have it's own web site soon (by Oct.1) and I'm looking forward to launching that puppy. I will then make an author web site as per my husband's advice. For now...let's get to writing!!

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