Saturday, August 8, 2009

The RABBITS are coming!

Introducing the Spring-Board for my debut novel THE JUDGING... comes a great book that will entertain the reader as well as whet their appetites for the real treat to come!
RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER by Ellen C. Maze is such a novel.
New York Times Bestselling author Beth Rider has a problem. Jack Dawn, a supernatural monster belonging to a race of vampire-like beings, has taken exception to her novel series "The Corescu Chronicles" and has vowed to hunt down and kill the young writer and also punish anyone who gets in his way. Aided by Jack's son, who was transformed after reading her novel and one who is simply along for the adventure, Beth takes her fight to their world. In the dark underground they call The Cavern, Beth will face the leaders of the Brotherhood, alive since before Christ walked the earth, and state her case with bravado only the Spirit of God can provide. Who will live and who will die is always up for grabs, but Beth knows where she is headed, and she wants to bring as many of the Wraiths with her that she can.
The plan is to self-publish this novel as we work for true-publishing for THE JUDGING. It is a really cool story that I know everyone will like. Plus, I have about 10,000 more words to write on it and it will be ready to send to the printer! I will blog more about the self-publishing process as it comes along. For now, I will blog about writing RABBIT...

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