Monday, August 31, 2009're so bad. The Antagonists of RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER

Oh man. Bad guys are so fun to write. I had plenty of antagonists even before I added Meryl, but hey--what's one more? Developing this novel has been so much fun. So let me tell you how Meryl was born into this story.
I needed Beryl to be in two places at one time. Beryl is a beautiful, angelic-looking Rakum (vampire-like race from the novel) with a black soul. He preys on the weaklings and serves his evil and cruel Elder Jack Dawn with total obedience and subservience. So one day, as I was tweaking the story, tightening it up for an eventual end...I realized that I needed Beryl to molest Simon to keep the story tense. But Beryl was busy with Jack. So I gave Beryl an identical twin and named him Meryl!
Now, of course, I come to realize that Meryl was in the story all along, but as the silly 'hand' that types the words, I just didn't know it yet. As soon as I put Meryl's 1st scene in, he went right to work, he grew in every scene and added depth and meaning to his brother Beryl that I could never have gotten on my own. Wow. When you meet Meryl, you will love to hate to love to hate him. If you want to see what mean old Meryl did to poor abandoned Simon, read the last two blogs where 'ellen was leaking' chapters. You can meet Meryl and see what he and his twin are capable of.
This gorgeous creature is in the photograph provided for today's post. Oh my. The devil often poses as an angel of light, and that describes Meryl and Beryl to a T...

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