Saturday, August 15, 2009

SHAZAM WHAM BAM your First Line

The first line of your novel needs to be a GRABBER if at all possible. THE JUDGING used to begin with a 'sound'... "Crack!" It was a fire in the church that awakens the Priest from a dream-filled sleep. Exciting initial situation, but not a great first line for the book. The new and standing first line is better, and it refers not only to the prophetic dream the protagonist is having before he awakes to the fire, but also to the state of mind one might be in when he is violently turned into a vampire against his will and without his knowledge... check the full prologue under THE JUDGING button at ♥ Today, I also reworked the 1st line of RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER. It has been modified several times, but I am happy with this latest change. The new first line is: The monster had him boxed in and it wasn’t even close to sunup. That is a really ominous and catchy first line!

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