Sunday, July 12, 2009

WHAT TO DO NOW? Countdown to Conference

This photo is my impression of what Paul Black looks like...
We will leave Thursday around 1pm to head to Athens, GA for the conference. I think I have everything printed out that I wanted to take with me. And I'll need to print a MapQuest map. So what do I do now?
Which WIP (work in progress) shall I work on in my writing time? I considered working toward completing RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER, but then decided against it. It is only 1/2 done and the sequel to THE JUDGING is already completed. It only needs WW (word whacking) and tweaking by my critiquing pal. So I will concentrate on DAMASCUS ROAD, which is Book Two.
You can go to to see the prologue for DAMASCUS ROAD. I'm happy with it. This prologue is actually the climax of THE JUDGING, but told entirely from Paul Black's (skewed) perspective. Unlike THE JUDGING scene that goes between the three other characters' POV, this prologue shows us what Paul thinks about all this 'God business'. It really sets up the book well, to show the reader where Paul's heart is regarding spiritual things. This is supremely important because at the end of DAMASCUS ROAD, he...wait a minute! I almost gave away the end. Naughty naughty!!
So wheeeeeeeee I go now to work on Book Two...
Boker tov! Have a great day!

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