Sunday, July 5, 2009


I made a short video, less than 2 minutes, of how THE JUDGING came into being. I had a dream in January 2004 and woke at 2:15, the story burning my memory. But, I went back to sleep anyway. The very next morning, I woke at 2:15 with the same story/dream in my mind, so being a servant of the Most High, I jogged into the art studio to write down the dream in case He was trying to tell me something... And it developed from there. I jotted down 13 pages in ink, 4 scenes and it grew into a complete novel. I read that original dream today, and amazingly, a lot is the same; but also quite a lot is different. I can see why it wook 5 years to get to this point. I needed to know the Lord better and I have spent all my time since then growing closer to Him. I can understand these elements a lot better in context with sin, lust and supernatural things and how they relate to the life of a Believer. Praise Adonai that He caused me to have to wait! So enjoy the video. Enjoy my country accent. And enjoy the white cat who tries to horn in on my camera time. PS: I mispronounced my critique-friend's name, she is Suzanne Hartmann, and she is on my favorites if you want to see her blog! video

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