Thursday, July 2, 2009

FLASH-FANTASY jogging authors

Boker tov! I walked 3 miles with my husband again, and had a flash-fantasy that in 1 years time, he and I could be jogging the path as published could happen! If the timing suits Adonai. I know we are close to His return (which I desire more than anything), but until He comes, my job is to work for the Kingdom. So!
Today we will bind up the BOOK DUMMY (see last post!) at Kinko's. As I printed it out, I found even MORE type-o's. ARGH. I suppose I will always find them all the way until it goes to the publisher. It is sitting at 112,991 words and I am planning to take it with me out of town this weekend (a family reuinion) and re-read it, making myself little corrections along the way. I have been editing and re-editing this book for years, so I ought to be getting close!
I wrote a hook for Book Two: DAMASCUS ROAD and I'll insert it here. I wrote it to give readers hope, for once they've read THE JUDGING, they will feel sorry it is over. Here is the hook:
BOOK TWO: DAMASCUS ROAD Tony Agricola is on a mission: pursue and attempt to redeem the newly-turned and quite ravenous vampire Paul Black. But how do you subdue a creature a hundred times stronger than you or save one who is more than determined to remain as he is? With the help of new friend and part-time preacher Big John Jenkins, Tony is able to convince Paul to concentrate his bloodlust on the two of them alone, leaving the rest of the population safe from his deadly kiss. But at what cost? Behaving is not one of Paul’s strong points. In danger at every turn of the vampire’s whimsy, and dodging two indomitable police detectives on their trail, Tony valiantly drags Paul to Germany to confront his master, Doctor Mark Corescu who fled there to hide away from humanity. Before the dust settles, Hope Brannen, madly in love with the doctor, arrives and puts her fists in the fight. Vacillating between the desire to be good and the lust for blood, Mark, Paul and Tony wrestle to the end, making the final result anybody’s game.
Now let's go write~~!!
ahava b'shem yeshua adonai (love in the name of the Lord Jesus)

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