Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Cover Art for this series was developed with a graphic artist who is talented and imaginative and also...my daughter. Elizabeth Little, a terrific writer in her own right, designed these covers using various Graphic Art Programs. I don't know all the technical mumbo-jumbo, but I know what the symbolism is. So let's begin there.
Warning:I might slip a little PLOT SPOILER in accidentally as I talk about the art, so forgive me. Amd don't let that stop you from reading the books!
THE JUDGING: Cathedral windows make me think of Gothic Horror tales, and my main character, Mark Corescu fits that description well enough. There is a terrible storm outside the windows with lightning and thunder, which represents the turmoil the character goes thru on his trek to the Truth. And there is the Light streaming in...we know who that is, always present, always lighting up the darkest places. Will Mark find that Light before it is too late? (hah! did not spoil it for you!)
DAMASCUS ROAD: One of the characters actually has a Damascus Road experience in the end. Here in the cover art is the road to Damascus, crooked, bleak and treacherous; a storm rages and threatens us at every turn, but we press on. So do the characters in this story who are seeking a path that will lead them to Salvation. The Horizon is flooded with Light to remind us that at the end of our journey, He is waiting for us to bring us home. I wonder which character will see Jesus face to face in this novel?
TREE OF LIFE: The characters are having a rough day in this Book Three. The tree is back-lit and ominous. It is difficult to tell if the tree is dead or simply resting the winter away. The Light fills the sky though to remind us that no matter what season it is, the Light of the World overcomes all.
ANATHEMA: The word means 'a curse for good or for bad', a hokey Greek concept that in English we use as a bad curse. This window to the open sky represents our narrow view of the Truth,. We look up into the sky but are limited by our understanding of God and His plan. Light pours through the center and helps us as much as possible, but below (as we see at the bottom of the art) the flames of sin are always present to light us on fire with lust and pain. In ANATHEMA, the characters seek God despearately--some will be successful, but others will fail and remain in the flames. (BTW-this window is the ceiling of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC from a photo I took on vacay).
I hope you have a wonderful night and sweet dreams!
laila tov and blessings!

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